VAMPIRE BOYFRIEND is our first step into the exciting and dynamic world of interactive fiction! The player takes on the role of a teenage girl caught up in the age-old game of seeking a hunky bloodsucker to hook up with, which--like Go or Magic: the Gathering--is simple to learn but takes a lifetime to master.

There are several eligible BATchelors to choose from. There are two easy steps to snaring one: expose him as a vampire and woo him by using your chameleon-like lack of personality to appeal to his individual tastes.

Play the demo!

Vampire Feelies

As you may or may not know, back in the day text games were packaged with fun extra stuff, like documents or items pertaining to the game. I have prepared some fun virtual feelies for you. I guess if you really want you can print them out.

Winter Semi-Formal flyer

Transcript of VB Live