It's a big crazy vampire kind of world

Welcome! Enter freely and of your own will!

I have written some works of interactive fiction for you. They are like video games but without the pictures. After all, the mind is the sweetest video card.

Each game has its own page, go check them out! They are in varying states of completion.


Sort of content! I am very close to being done with this stupid thing and on with the rest of my life. Check out the transcript of VB Live!



We’ve got a cool new thing going down to celebrate the new resolve toward actually releasing VAMPIRE BOYFRIEND. Every day, during the mandated at least one hour of programming time, there’s going to be a live adventure going down on the Twitters.

Here’s how it’s going to work. @vampireboyfrien, the official Twitter account of, is going to announce the start of the day’s festivities. This will not occur on a set schedule, but it’ll probably be around 6-7PM EDT most days. Then, @vampireboyfrien will post a command prompt, not unlike a text adventure. This is your opportunity to participate! Simply reply to the tweet with a command relevant to the context, such as TAKE BOOK or GO NORTH. If you want, you can use the hashtag #vblive or something, just to keep things tidy. I will choose the best response, retweet it, and resolve that action using my superior human brain! Then, it’ll be time for you to make the next move! We will play the game in this fashion for the duration of programming time. Maybe there will be a winner, and maybe fabulous prizes! Maybe.

Tell your friends! Tell the adventure gaming media!


An incomplete version of VAMPIRE BOYFRIEND is now in beta. I am considering entering it in the 2010 IFComp, but I need to finish and test it and then decide if it's good enough. Busy busy!


The site is live. I think. We are opening today with a playable demo version of the instant classic, VAMPIRE BOYFRIEND.